Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun End of Year Award Certificates

Take a peek at these fun end of the year award certificates.  There are 16 different types of certificates to award your students.  Most of the fabulous graphics are from Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.  Simply click on the picture of the certificates below to take you to Stellar Students to find out more and how to download them for  free until Sunday evening.
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  1. I tried to click & collect...but the link won't work. These are a great idea! :-)

    1. Sorry these were only free for a limited time. If you click on the link to her blog, you can go to her store to purchase the set for $2.50.

      Krista often shares with us her for sale items for free prior to selling them for a few days. If you follow us, make sure you grab her freebies as soon as she posts them. Sorry for the confusion!



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